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Source: Vincent Liew/Pexels

New Eco-Resort In Vietnam Honors Local History And Culture

By Desirée Kaplan

A new eco-resort is on track to open on the coast of Vietnam. The lush property will become one of the largest hospitality focused masterplans in south east Asia. The design for the Mui Dinh Ecopark will include six resort hotels and a boutique hotel.

All in all, the destination will boast 7,000 rooms with 500 ocean-facing villas. Not unlike a Disney park, guests will have an array of experiences to choose from since there will be a theme park, casino, beach club, and mountain clubhouse.

More importantly, at the core of the property, there will also be an Ecopark where anyone can learn about the local ecosystem. As a central feature, this resource will give both residents and visitors the ability to learn about and experience the nearby habitat.