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Source: Stocksnap

Goodwill Opens Curated Boutique For Millennials On A Budget

By Koty Neelis

Between finding business casual clothes for work, outfits you can wear at the gym that are just as stylish as they are sweat-absorbing, or fashionable pieces you can wear for a night out, there are so many situations that call for their own wardrobe. Unfortunately, buying new clothes isn't exactly the cheapest or the best thing for the environment, which is why shopping at consignment shops is always the best option. 

Long-time standing nonprofit retail store Goodwill might be known for their used clothing, but they're not exactly regarded as the best place for stylish digs. They're hoping to change that by attracting young people on a budget with curated boutique stores in New York City highlighting modern used clothing.

Source: Goodwill NYNJ