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Source: iStock

The World's Largest Roofing Company Wants to Add Solar Panels While Re-Roofing Your Home

By Carly Sitzer

Standard Industries is the largest roofing company in the world; so their latest launch, a startup called GAF Energy focused on rooftop solar panels, seemed like a natural progression for the industry giant. The people behind GAF believe that they have a better chance at reaching new solar customers than traditional solar installation companies by going after their existing roofing customers. 

“The scale of the roofing industry is an order of magnitude greater than the solar industry,” Martin DeBono, the President of GAF Energy said, per Fast Company. “GAF Energy can now give those customers a simple option: a roof or a solar roof.”

GAF plans on working with local installers who aren’t currently working with solar power, Fast Company reports, because — for the most part — they don’t have crews specializing in solar energy. Additionally, they are going to make the installation as smooth as possible for the consumer by handling both the logistics (such as permits) and finances on behalf of the consumer.