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Source: Pixabay

Scientists Are Turning Turkey Poop Into Fuel

By Koty Neelis

While most families gather around the dinner table this time of year to eat turkey and give thanks, a team of scientists are doing something a little different with the bird — they're turning its poop into fuel. 

NPR reports a team at Ben-Gurion University in Israel has been working to figure out ways to transform waste to resources, and has been experimenting with various forms of manure. They say that when turkey droppings are cooked under the right temperature, they transform into a form of coal, which can then become a renewable resource and fuel power plants.

Led by professor Amit Gross, chair of the Department of Environmental Hydrology and Microbiology, the team started with poultry feces due to its abundance. "It is an environmental burden, and people are still trying to figure out what to do with it," Gross said. Future Thanksgivings could be powered by the fuel made from a turkey itself, a goal the researchers have in mind.