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Source: Neste

This Zero-Footprint Cabin Can Be Assembled Anywhere

By Kristin Hunt

Neste wants to build a cabin that was never really there. That doesn’t mean the Finnish engineering company is looking to bend the time-space continuum, or erase homes with otherworldly gems like Thanos. It simply wants to pioneer a housing model that’s zero-waste, zero-footprint, and close to zero emission; a cabin with no impact on the earth, that operates as if it doesn’t exist. 

Neste is putting the idea to test right now with the Nolla, a sleek and solar-powered tiny cabin that promises to do just that.

The Nolla prototype runs on electricity generated from the solar panels that line its long, sloping roof. Meanwhile, the small stove inside — intended for cooking and heat — relies on Neste’s own MY Renewable diesel, sourced from 100 percent waste. The dramatic mirrored roof also reflects heat, maintaining a cool temperature inside and lowering the need for energy consumption or air conditioning at all.