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Source: Climeworks

World’s First 'Negative Emissions' Plant Turns Carbon Dioxide To Stone

By Tessa Love

The world, as of now, is run on carbon dioxide. Industries and activities across the planet emit carbon into the atmosphere as a byproduct of production, transportation, and just about every other thing humans do. For perspective, human activity yields 40 trillion kg of carbon dioxide a year. This means that we’re on track to cross a crucial emissions limit that will cause global temperatures to rise past the dangerous 2°C limit set by the Paris climate agreement, setting in motion stronger effects of climate change. Luckily, scientists are already on track to solve this.

Until this point, most scientists put their focus on curbing carbon emissions as the number one solution. Now most experts believe that option is gone. Instead, they are focusing on a new innovation: direct-air capture, or massive machines that suck CO2 from the atmosphere like trees "but on steroids," according to Quartz. And while many believed this technology was an unreasonable ask due to the huge price tag attached to it, this week brought the grand opening of the first facility boasting direct-air capture machines at a reasonable price.