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Source: Gratisography/Pexels

7 Ways To Make Your Laundry Routine Easy On The Environment


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As families move toward more sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyles, people are realizing that small changes can make big differences. So many of our normal household routines can have a negative environmental impact, or increase our carbon footprint, that it is imperative we begin to make these small changes. After all, as we become more mindful of the way we live our lives, and the impact we have on the world around us, we can create long-term change in a powerful way. 

One of the biggest ways we can lessen our daily impact is by making changes to the way we do laundry. Washing and drying clothes is one of the more resource intensive household chores, and by tweaking our routine in just a few simple ways, we can really  make a difference in the big picture. 

Wear it more than once.

Unless your clothes are legitimately dirty, like with visible dirt or discernible odor, there is no need to wash them. I know that seems to run counter to what we've always been taught, but what we've always been taught tends to run counter to sustainability, so it's time to rethink our methods, right? Even towels should be used a few times before you toss them in the laundry pile. Less laundry means less detergent, water, and drying. It also means less doing laundry, which is definitely a bonus.