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6 Healthy Snacks Perfect For Family Road Trips

By Maria Cook

Summer is almost here, which means fun family road trips are quickly approaching. There's some things you always remember to pack for family trips like sunscreen lotion, comfy shoes for hiking, or your child's favorite toy. But one thing that can greatly impact how smoothly your trip goes is remembering to pack healthy snacks you and your kids can grab at a moment's notice when hunger rears its ugly head and you still have 100 miles to get to your destination.

Skip the salty, sugary temptations at gas stations or fast food restaurants when you're in a pinch on the road and choose one of these alternatives that offer either a punch of protein or an array of vitamins to keep you satiated. And they aren't all confined to health food stores. Many are available at convenience stores right alongside the other snacks, so your family should be able to enjoy them anywhere.

1. Peanut butter squeeze packs

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Packed with protein, peanut butter is a great option whether you pair it with crackers, pretzels, or spread it across celery or fruit. Squeeze packs, like the ones from Justin's, are perfect for when you and your family are on the go. Their all-natural peanut butter is available in 1.15 ounce squeeze packs that are just 190 calories each, with 8 grams of protein per pack.

2. GoMacro protein bars

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Protein bars have been getting a bad rap lately for not being as healthy as they claim to be. But luckily, companies like GoMacro makes protein bars with real ingredients, less sugar, and offer a variety of kid-friendly flavors including everything from cashew caramel to peanut butter chocolate chip. They make a perfect snack whether you're in the car or on a hike. Every bar is around 260 calories, and packs 12 grams of protein with just 10 grams of sugar.  

3. On the go cheese packs

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If you're looking for a protein packed snack with fantastic portability, look no further than cheese snack packs you can take on the go. Sargento offers Balanced Breaks, a small container that comes pre-packed with cheese and sweet trail mix, without a lot of added sugar. At 180 calories and with 7 grams of protein, there's no denying this snack is healthy for kids and adults, and can help stave off hunger until meal time.