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These Family-Friendly Movies Are Perfect For Teaching Your Kids About The Planet


Without a doubt, kids and young adults have a lot on their plates. Even as summer rolls around and children have more time to spend with family, camps, activities, and playdates can keep us busy. For kids who are passionate about the environment, or simply love to learn, it can be a delicate balance to find fun ways to teach and engage your children while also spending time with them. While science camp is likely great for their brains, it doesn't necessarily bring the kids in your life closer into the family unit. 

That's why watching eco-focused movies can be such a win-win solution: Not only are you educating your kids about the world around them, but you're spending quality time together as a family. And for kids who aren't yet in tune with the environment, movies can be a great means of engaging kids and getting them passionate about new topics and ideas. 

If you're in the process of teaching your kids about green living and environmentalism, why not select a flick that can do some of the work for you? There are many to choose from, and they're as entertaining for adults as they are for young ones. Here are five kid-friendly movies with environmental themes that will get your kids talking about the planet, no matter their age.

1. Wall-E

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If one were to judge WALL-E on its basic premise alone, the movie might sound pretty grim. One little robot is left all alone on earth, after over-pollution forced the human race away. With only a cockroach for company, WALL-E toils day and night picking up an endless field of garbage, even though all the other clean-up robots around him fell apart long ago. The humans have fled to a distant star ship, where they've grown unhealthy and overly-dependent on technology and corporations. It sounds more like a dystopian literary novel than a Disney film.

In reality, though, WALL-E is a charming story, staring an adorable robot, on an equally-adorable journey of self-discovery. Though some of the underlying concepts may be dark, they are presented in a light, humorous way that makes them relatable and not-so-scary for kids. It is also worth pointing out that the film is full of hope, with a decidedly happy ending--something one almost never gets when reading dystopian st0ries.