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Mattel's Robotic Nanny 'Aristotle' May Be The Future Of Raising Children


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Mattel's latest invention is like something from science fiction. "Aristotle" may look like a baby monitor, but it's equipped with advanced artificial intelligence which makes it more like a robotic nanny. Aristotle has the same functions as Amazon's Alexa, but with the additions of being particularly baby and child-friendly. 

For example, Aristotle does everything from alerting parents to a fussy baby to automatically ordering more diapers when supplies run low. It can even joke with your children, answer their questions, and help teach them foreign languages. Aristotle even comes with a wireless camera that can stream 256-bit encrypted video to your phone, which is excellent if you want to check on your child without going into another room or interrupting your current task. As of now, Aristotle is expected to retail for about $300 USD and should be ready to ship in June 2017.

What is Aristotle?

Put simply, Mattel's Aristotle is meant to be a virtual helper. But Aristotle is specially designed to be a companion and helper to small children and their parents.

Aristotle can monitor your baby's health using both sound and visual recognition, understand children's speech, order products from the Internet, and more. One of the most impressive things about Aristotle is the fact that it is designed to be used by both kids and adults, and how it can switch back and forth to recognize multiple voices. 

When first taken from the box, Aristotle will ask to be programmed via its accompanying app. Parents can enter information on both themselves and their child, including pictures, names, and ages to help Aristotle recognize all members of the household at a glance. Parents can then program Aristotle based on their specific needs. That's another good thing about Aristotle's AI: It can continue to learn and be reprogrammed over time to meet the new needs of your child.