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What Every Family Should Consider Before Embracing Minimalism


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Reducing waste is an important part of any eco-conscious family's lifestyle. Recycling or getting rid of things you no longer need is good for the environment and for cutting down on clutter, which in turn cuts down on stress. But recently, the publication of bestselling books, such as Francine Jay's The Joy of Less, has given rise to an entire movement--which some call the 'simple living movement'--of people who take the idea of reducing waste to some pretty extreme places. 

From tiny houses to never buying anything new and urging others to do the same, the simple living movement aims to reduce the space and resources every person uses, even through extreme means, for the good of the planet. It seems like a worthy ambition. But a closer look at the tenants of minimalism reveal that it might not be the best way to reduce your family's environmental impact after all.

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