These 5 Flowers Are Perfect For Kid-Friendly Gardening

These 5 Flowers Are Perfect For Kid-Friendly Gardening
Updated 1 year ago

Working to get the kids involved in your family garden? Giving them something simple to plant and care for can be key. Easy-care plants also tend to use fewer resources than their pickier counterparts, which is good for gardeners and the environment. If your kids are interested in planting flowers, why not choose species that need little moisture to thrive? These five flower species can help you conserve water, while also teach the children in your life about the importance of hard work and connecting with nature. 

1. Lilac

Few flowers smell sweeter than this common bloom, or come in a wider variety of colors. From white to pink to light and deep purple, lilac flowers are perfect for cutting fresh. Though they grow on bushes that can easily reach heights of more than six feet, lilacs are surprisingly simple to plant, and require very little water once they are established. They are considered hearty flowers and the most maintenance they require is occasional deadheading and trimming, to keep their size in check. 

2. Calendula

Calendulas, sometimes referred to as "pot marigolds," look like little spots of sunshine. And wouldn't you know it, they love the sun! These flowers are simple to grow and are remarkably tolerant of drought, even when growing in direct sunlight. They only need to be watered sparingly once a week to stay bright and healthy. They also last for a long time, from early summer to the first hard frost of the year, which means that once these flowers sprout, kids won't have to say goodbye to them as quickly as they might with many other plants. 

3. Gaillardia

 Gaillardias are extremely hardy flowers with a beautiful red and yellow color pattern. Because they grow in a unique, blanket-like formation it is easy to cover a lot of ground with these pretty blooms. No specific type of soil is needed. Gaillardias can grow in both soft and rocky dirt. Unlike many flowers, which bloom in early spring, Gaillardias bloom in the summer and stick around until late fall. They can live in both hot and mildly cold climates, and require very little water. 

4. Bloody Geranium

There are many varieties of geranium, which range in color, size, and shape. But the variety that requires the least watering of all is the bloody geranium--a pretty pinkish bloom with uniquely-shaped, delicate petals. These fragile looking flowers are actually quite hardy, able to bloom in even hard, rocky soil. They only need to be watered about once a week, and only very lightly, during sunny weather. During milder or overcast weather, once every ten days should do. 

5. Purple Coneflower

Purple coneflowers are a familiar sight throughout much of the continental U.S. In many places, they even grow wild. Interestingly, these uniquely-shaped purple beauties can serve several functions in your garden. The plant they flower from is actually an herb, with immune-boosting properties. They are known to attract large species of butterflies, including monarchs. And, of course, they can help conserve water by requiring very little to grow. They can thrive in full sun or partial shade, and need just one watering per week to thrive. 

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