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Source: Erik Scheel/Pexels

6 Activities You Can Do With Your Kids This Earth Day

By Marissa Higgins

Earth Day is right around the corner, this Saturday, April 22. If you're a parent, your child has likely already come home from school full of science projects and stories about the environment and world around them. Luckily, the learning doesn't have to stop at school. 

Unlike other holidays which have a specific focus on how you spend time together as a family, Earth Day is one of the most fun days you can get creative and do what really interests the kids. For example, if the kids feel too restless to sit at a fancy dinner, you can easily take the science experiments outside into the yard. If they're craving some quiet time, the local museum is the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon.

We already know that NASA is allowing people to adopt part of the planet in honor of Earth Day, but the fun and learning don't have to stop there. In fact, there are plenty of awesome ways you can spend time with your family and take care of the planet. Check out the following seven suggestions for Earth Day activities, and remember: The sky is the limit! Even just spending time in nature can be enough to get kids away from their screens and remind them how important the world around them is.

1. Make Earth Day desserts at home.