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Source: amarildo_silva2/Instagram, caominhas_pets2/Instagram

Young Artist Upcycles Old Car Tires Into Pet Beds That Are as Adorable as They Are Eco-Friendly


When Brazil-based artist Amarildo Silva, 23, realized there was a surplus of discarded tires littered around his city, he set out to do something to change that. As reported by the website BrightSide, Silva spends his free time collecting abandoned tires, which he then upcycles into pet beds. According to Silva's Instagram page, he started his own business, called Caominhas Pets Oficial, to sell his upcycled pet beds in Brazil.

Here's how Silva's process works, as explained by BrightSide. First, he collects all the tires he can find, cleans them (pretty thoroughly, I would imagine), paints them (complete with a dog bone and paw print design as well as the pet's name), and then adds a homemade cushion and pillow. Silva keeps his 16,000 Instagram followers up-to-date on the his eco-friendly project with frequent posts.