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Source: Vimeo/House of Switzerland

Kids Cover A Swiss Glacier With Postcards To Raise Environmental Awareness

By Kristin Hunt

Young climate activists may have just created the world’s largest postcard. On Nov. 16, environmental organizers from the WAVE Foundation assembled more than 125,000 postcards atop Switzerland’s Aletsch glacier in a stunt that they hope will call others to action.

As the Associated Press reports, the postcards contained messages and drawings from kids across the globe. Individually, they called for more trees and less pollution. Together, they broadcast these concerns on a much larger scale. The assembled cards spelled out messages like, “We are the future” and “Give us a chance” in green block letters. “Stop global warming” was even more visible in red. But the largest missive appeared in towering blue digits: “#1.5C.” This hashtag refers to a temperature cap recommended by UN scientists — if the planet warms 1.5 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial levels by 2040, they warn, the damage would be catastrophic.

The postcards were intended to generate public awareness ahead of a UN climate conference in Poland next month. But the organizers were also pursuing a secondary goal of setting a Guinness World Record for the postcard with the most contributions. According to the AP, Guinness has not logged the effort, even though the current record is just 16,000.