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Source: Pexels

New Report Says Energy Efficiency Employs 2.25 Million Americans

By Kristin Hunt

According to a new report, jobs in energy efficiency now employ 2.25 million Americans. That’s a workforce equal to the waitstaff in U.S. bars and restaurants — and it’s almost double the amount of people in law enforcement.

This jobs report comes from E2, a national nonpartisan group that pushes for environmentally and economically smart policies. Looking over the 2018 U.S. Energy and Employment Report (USEER), E2 found remarkable gains in the energy efficiency sector and compiled some of the highlights into a report of its own.

Energy efficiency can be a confusing job category, but it applies to lots of workers. Construction workers on LEED projects, energy auditors, HVAC contractors, and the people who manufacture Energy Star appliances all qualify. The label basically applies to anyone who works to reduce energy use — whether they’re improving existing structures or building something new from scratch.