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Source: Ska Brewing Company

How Shipping Container Restaurants Became The Latest Food Craze

By Kristin Hunt

Restaurant owners can rarely resist novelty. Fine dining on a crane? A bar in a tree? Been there, done that.

Increasingly, restaurateurs are opening new spots in another unlikely location: shipping containers. While it would be easy to write this off as one more quirky gimmick, shipping containers aren’t just a curiosity. They’re also a cheap, sustainable option for eco-conscious owners looking to lessen the environmental impact of their construction.

Take, for example, The Container. Ska Brewing Company opened this tasting room at their Durango, Colorado headquarters in 2013, fusing together two colorful shipping containers to meet their kitchen and seating needs. “The sustainability piece was huge for us,” says Kristen Muraro, sales and marketing director for Ska Brewing Company. “It just fit in with who we are and our culture and our business model.”