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Source: Pexels

How The Oscars Just Became More Sustainable


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As we all wait patiently for the red carpet to roll out this weekend, the glitterati are already gathering at dozens of big events across Hollywood to celebrate the build up to the 90th Academy Awards. Champagne is flowing, hors d' oeuvres are sizzling, and great ballrooms are filling with lights, music, flowers, and fame. 

Unfortunately, there's a downside to all this opulence: Big events are not easy on the environment. Throwing a party of the caliber of those surrounding the Oscars is resource-intensive. Between transportation, lighting, sound, food, water, and more, the carbon footprint is high, and waste is nearly inevitable. Without proper planning, big events can send thousands of pounds of food, paper, plastic, and flowers to the landfill, all for a party that lasts a few hours. And that didn't sit well with Jennifer Grove.