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Source: LOLI

This Beauty Company Gives You DIY Raw Ingredients To Cut Out Waste From Products

By Aimee Lutkin

If you've read the labels on a face mask lately, you know that most ingredients are things you can't pronounce and more concerning, it's probably stuff you don't actually want your skin absorbing. There's also so many ingredients and the more there are, the more difficult it is to know if they've been sustainably and ethically sourced. A new start up company called LOLI from founder Tina Hedges, a former executive at L’Oreal and Estée Lauder, is considering all aspects of the process. 

Fast Company reports that LOLI sells their products in kits that are composed of ingredients, which users then mix together when they're ready to use them. Their recipes are categorized as Clean, Hydrate, and Treat. You can select a base, then personalize it with add-ins. The add-ins are items like willow bark or sea buckthorn seed oil. Not exactly stuff you pick up at the grocery store, but all items that are clearly connected to organic material rather than synthetic chemicals.