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Source: stocksnap

China Launches World’s First Fully Electric Cargo Ship

By Desirée Kaplan

Thousands of cargo ships zigzag across the oceans every year and, sadly, emit a significant amount of pollution in the process. However, shipbuilders are beginning to take note of the electric shift that is becoming popular for ground transportation and are starting to tinker with batteries instead of traditional engine options.  

China’s shipbuilders have successfully experimented enough, and it’s paid off as they’ve recently released the world’s first fully electric cargo ship. While there are already exists fully electric ferries and luxury boats, this is the first massive cargo ship of it’s kind and offers a new standard for the shipbuilding industry. 

This new cargo ship weighs in an impressive 2,000 metric tons. The colossal vessel measures at 230 feet in length, 45.6 feet in width and is roughly 14 feet deep. Taking in the size of it, one can imagine that the battery to move this vessel would have to be equally impactful. The battery capacity is around 2,500-kilowatt hours, which Electrek compared to as the same energy as 24 batteries from Tesla’s high powered Model S P100D car.