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How This 100% Solar-Powered Winery Uses Cork To Keep Wine Cool

By Maria Cook

Spain is a country famous for wine. Nowhere is this more true than on the Spanish island of Majorca, a popular tourist destination not only for those wishing to trek through its beautiful limestone mountains, but also for wine aficionados. Most wineries are traditional in every sense of the word, from the way they age their wine to the way they power their facilities. But for the Son Juliana's winery, innovation is built into the very foundation of their operation. Created by architecture studio Munarq Arquitectes, Son Juliana runs entirely on solar power. The low, flat design helps it stay naturally cool, and integrates natural, native building materials with an insulating roof made entirely of cork. 


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In spite of the modern ideas that went into building and powering Son Juliana's, the facility is far from being a novelty meant only to showcase these ideas. It is a fully-functioning winery in every sense of the word. As Lucy Wang explains at Inhabitat, Son Juliana's measures 1,300-square feet, and is capable of producing 40,000 liters of wine each year. Once grapes are grown and harvested from Son Juliana's fields, they enter Son Juliana's eastern entrance, pass through several processing rooms, until they are ready to be aged as wine. 

The aging barrels are kept in the basement, which was built specifically to meet the special humidity  and temperature requirements for wine making. Below-ground rooms tend to have more constant temperatures than those on upper-floors, making the basement the ideal place for Son Juliana's wine to age. Once ready, the wine is bottled, labeled, and put on display in the sales room at Son Juliana's western entrance, completing the simple, grape-to-wine process that embodies small wineries like Son Juliana's.