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Source: Bios Urn/FB

Hi-Tech Urn Transforms Ashes Of Loved Ones Into The Trees Of The Future


Green burials (burials meant to have minimal impact on the environment) have gained popularity in recent years. Several companies and even some funeral homes offer services which allow for chemical-free burials in biodegradable caskets. Some designers have even proposed ways to grow trees from the bodies of loved ones after burial. But what about those who choose cremation? 

The Bios Urn, launched in 2014, allows one to grow a tree from the ashes of a loved one or pet. Now, a new accessory for the urn has been launched: Incube, an app-controlled tree incubator which makes the growing process easier. 

Although the Bios Urn can still be purchased on its own, the incube may be a great solution for those who worry about their ability to properly care for a tree, and for those who wish to keep their loved ones and their tree close by. The original Bios Urn had to be planted outside, but the Incube functions as a large planting pot of sorts, allowing users to put their Bios Urn directly inside while their tree is in its first stages of growth. It is worth noting that the Incube features a sleek, minimalist design which would blend in with just about any decor and looks decidedly un-urn like.