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These Modern And Minimalist Prefab Homes May Be The Way Of The Future


Danish designer Vipp, known for creating sturdy kitchen supplies and other housewares, has created a new mini-home like no other. According to Vipp's CEO,  Kasper Egelund, the "Vipp Shelter" was designed to be a “battery-charging station for humans"--a place for people to unwind and find comfort in nature.

Made from monochromatic metal and glass, it's like a modern take on a tiny cabin in the woods. For those seeking a sustainable alternative to urban living and have a penchant for modern, minimalist design, Vipp's features are worth exploring, simply for the window they provide into the future of mini-housing. 

What makes the Vipp Shelter different? 

Mini-homes have taken many interesting, innovative shapes over the years, but one common theme is that many of them have looked decidedly un-home like. From repurposed vehicles, such as school buses and RVs, to shipping container homes, to simple box-like structures made from repurposed materials, mini-homes were eclectic and did not necessarily contain all the comforts of a real home. 

The Vipp Shelter is different. It looks exactly like what it is--a modern home in miniature. The Vipp Shelter was designed to be placed in nature--it even stands on piers, to reduce its impact on the surrounding environment. One full side of the structure is made from glass, so that occupants can observe nature and rely almost entirely on natural light. 

But it's the Vipp Shelter's interior amenities that make it truly unique. Cabins come fully-furnished with Vipp products, such as soap dispensers, lighting, shelves, and cabinets. The main level of the mini-home includes a kitchen with an island, oven, sink, pedal-wastebasket and cabinets. There's a bathroom, a bedroom, a dining area and even a fireplace. A ladder allows one to access an additional sleeping loft. It's easy to imagine a family of up to two adults and two children living here, provided that the siblings could share a bed without issue. Both the sleeping loft and full bedroom feature large skylight windows, which allow nature to be at the forefront of practically every interior space.