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7 Low Effort Ways To Live More Eco-Friendly

By Koty Neelis

Going "green" is one of those things a lot of people want to do, but they don't exactly know how to do it. The more organic living becomes a trend, the more it can seem both overwhelming and expensive to try. But if you break it all down to the basics, it can actually be pretty simple. 

It doesn't matter if you live in New York City or a small town in the middle of Iowa, you can make a big impact on the world just by making small changes everyday in your own life. It can be as simple as biking to work instead of driving, remembering to turn the lights off when you leave a room, or using a reusable bag when you go grocery shopping. Living a greener lifestyle doesn't have to be difficult. Here are seven easy things you can do to make a difference. 

1. Reduce the amount of meat you consume.

Go meat-free once or twice a week and it can make a pretty big impact on the world. The United Nations reported animal agriculture as one of the largest contributors to climate change, citing studies attributing 51 percent of global warming to the raising of animals for food. 

It takes about 750 liters of water to produce 1 kilogram of wheat, and it takes 100,000 liters of water to produce 1 kilogram of beef. Opting to go meat free even just once or twice a week can really make a difference.

2. Ditch the disposables.

Today the average American generates 4.3 pounds of waste per day.  From your morning cup of coffee on the way to work to the sandwich wrapped in foil you pick up for lunch, it's easy to go through a lot of disposables throughout the day without even realizing it.

By taking small steps like using storage containers, bringing your lunch to work in a reusable lunch bag, and using a reusable coffee mug or water bottle, you can make your life a little bit more eco-friendly by implementing a few small changes.

3. Buy second hand.

Americans throw away 14 million pounds of clothes in landfills each year (or 80 lbs per person), and those clothes can take thousands of years to biodegrade, producing methane gas and leaching synthetic chemicals into the ground. And that's just for clothing.

In the age of Craigslist and Freecycle there's never been a better time to find second hand items for nearly anything you might need, whether it's a bike, accessories, furniture, or electronics. Not only do you help the environment when you go second hand, but you're also helping out your own wallet too.