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Source: Facebook/Hyggelight

This Sustainable Soy Candle Grows Wildflowers Once The Wax Is Gone

By Kristin Hunt

Once you’ve burned through a candle, what happens to the jar? It might wind up at a recycling material — depending on what it’s made of, and how well you cleaned it — but it can easily pile up in a landfill, where it’ll generate new greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s why Chris and Cyndi Hileman have reimagined candles as a zero-waste product through their Hyggelight, a “growing candle” that can be reused as a planter for wildflowers.

The company name is a reference to hygge, the Danish lifestyle trend that’s inspired dozens of books and Pinterest boards. Hygge is all about being cozy, particularly when it’s cold and dark outside, which often translates into lots of blankets, tea, and candles.