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Source: Stocksnap

5 Essential Oils Good For Relieving Sunburn

By Koty Neelis

Even if you're not a huge fan of summer, you have to admit there's some pretty sweet perks to the warmer season. The days last longer, there's patios all over the city just asking for you to sit and have happy hour on them, and there's about a million reasons to be outdoors from riding your bike to impromptu beach trips. 

Unfortunately, longer days in the sun come with one major disadvantage: the chance for sunburn. As much as we try to remember to pack sunscreen in our bags or put it on before heading out for the day, sunburn happens to all of us. Unprotected time in the sun can leave us red and blistered and looking for any ailments to cool and heal our skin. Luckily, nature has some great natural remedies for sunburn and essential oils can provide both relief and skin repair. 

1. Lavender