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Source: Ekobrew

4 Eco-Friendly K-Cups You Can Swap Into Your Keurig

By Kristin Hunt

Feeling guilty about your capsule coffee habit? You’re not alone. The founder of Keurig himself has said he regrets introducing single-cup coffee makers to the world, since those little plastic K-Cups are now clogging trash cans. But if you already have a Keurig — and many people do — there’s a simple way to reduce your daily coffee waste: invest in eco-friendly K-Cups.

What constitutes an “eco-friendly” K-Cup is a matter of debate. Several companies have introduced compostable or biodegradable options, but critics counter that those labels are meaningless. San Francisco Bay Gourmet Coffee was even slapped with a pricey legal settlement for using the word “biodegradable” on its capsules, which contained plastic.

These four reusable or refillable K-Cups are a more sustainable choice. They’re made out of steel or plastic, and cost just a few dollars each. Simply clean the capsules when you’re done and you can use them again the next morning. You’re not chucking anything in the trash, except maybe the coffee grounds — but don’t worry, you can compost those.