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Source: Pexels

Berlin Just Opened A 'Bee Hotel' To Save The Bees

By Aimee Lutkin

In 2010, biologist Corinna Hoelzer and her husband Uwe Marth established an initiative in Berlin called, "Berlin is buzzing!"  

To encourage the waning bee population, they began building hives on buildings around the city, many of them landmarks and tourist hotspots, including the city’s state legislature building, a theater, the planetarium, and the German finance ministry. There's even one in the yard of the German president’s residence.

They wanted to help the bees, but they also wanted to spread the word about what bees and other pollinators do for the city around them. Having the colonies thriving where people could see and learn about them was important. They're now on 15 buildings, according to the Washington Post, and house around 30,000 bees.