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Source: Foodie Factor/Pexels

Making Toast Is The Easiest Way To Combat Food Waste


Love Food Hate Waste is running a new campaign in the United Kingdom to draw attention to one of the biggest waste culprits clogging up British bins: bread. 24 million slices of bread end up being thrown out because it gets moldy or stale before it gets turned into a meal, according to The Independent. People are filling up their trash cans instead of their stomachs and Love Food Hate Waste wants to remind folks that they can make lots of snacks out of bread before it goes bad if they just freeze it. Then turn it into toast.

The “Make Toast Not Waste” campaign is intended to draw people's attention to the unnecessary bread waste and also advice folks on how to preserve and use their loaves a little longer. The organization took a consumer poll of 1,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 34, and found that 69 percent throw bread away every single week. One in four people admitted that they don’t know how to freeze bread at all!