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Source: KirpichNN/istock

5 Ways To Use Your Kitchen Scraps To Regrow Your Favorite Foods


Not only are fruits and vegetables healthy, they can have incredible restorative powers. Using only their scraps, you can grow your own, brand new food. Depending on the type of food you're working with, you will need to either find and plant their leftover seeds or plant a part of the original food itself, partaking in a process called vegetative propagation. 

Many fruits and veggies are remarkably hardy and can even survive indoors, or with minimal care. And growing your own food often means you'll produce less waste, and spend less money. It also saves time and commutes to the grocery store. Growing your own food using scraps can also be a great way to teach kids and teenagers responsibility and help them connect with nature and the environment. Even if you don't have a green thumb in general, regrowing food from scraps is a great skill to learn, and one that will likely help both your health and the planet. 

Here are five nutritious fruits and vegetables that you can regrow using only scraps, and how to do it right at home. Instructions are courtesy of Tasty.