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9 Useful Tips For Clean Eating On A Budget


One of the common misconceptions about clean eating is that it's expensive. And when you've got a tight budget, meal planning and grocery shopping comes with its challenges. When we say clean eating what we mean is food that’s as close to its natural state as possible. Foods that are processed and packaged are full of artificial ingredients, and though they can taste good in the interim, they ultimately make us feel tired and unproductive later.

If you’ve thought about cleaning up your diet but worried about the price tags on healthy food here are nine easy tips for eating clean without breaking your budget.

1. Have your shopping list ready.

Nothing is worse than walking through a grocery store aimlessly grabbing things and forgetting what you really meant to buy, especially if you're on an empty stomach. Have a plan before you hit the store by researching recipes, writing down ingredients, and taking stock of the everyday foods you eat that you need to replenish. It'll save you time (and money) when you walk into the grocery store prepared and aware of what you're there to get.