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5 Sustainable Clothing Companies That Can Outfit The Whole Family

More and more families are thinking about where their commonly-used household items, from food to furniture, come from. Unfortunately, the answer isn't always pretty, especially when it comes to clothing. Much has been written about companies that seek to exploit their garment workers for profit, or those that have no qualms about harming the environment along the way. 

But not all companies share those harmful ideologies and practices. Listed here are five companies producing sustainable, ethically-made clothing for adults and kids. 

1. Patagonia

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Patagonia has been leading the way in the sustainable-clothing movement for some time. In late 2016, they launched their re\\\collection line which features clothing made from recycled fabrics. Their clean color collections feature clothing colored with natural dyes. Unfortunately, neither of those collections include clothing available in kid's sizes. But the company does make a wide variety of children's clothing, including active wear and outdoor gear, under their regular label. 

No matter which collection you buy from, Patagonia is dedicated to ethically-sourced clothing, so you can be rest assured that your purchase will never contribute to human rights violations. 

2. PACT Organic

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PACT Organic offers a wide variety of sizes and styles for women, men, and kids, including babies! 100 percent of their clothing is made from organic cotton which uses 71 percent less water and 62 percent less energy than conventional cotton, and its products also are produced in safe working conditions that pay living wages, with no child labor. 

3. Eternal Creation

A small, fair-trade company, Eternal Creation makes clothing that looks completely mainstream--from office wear to athletic leggings--for men, women, teens and children. They are committed to providing living wages for workers, and to cutting emissions at their single, Indian factory. Their clothing also features natural materials, such as cotton. Some of their items, such as their infinity scarves, come complete with a note from the particular worker who created it, a powerful reminder that real people, with real lives, are behind the things we wear each day. 

4. Freeset

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Need to order a batch of t-shirts for a fundraiser, but want to make sure it's an ethical purchase? Freeset may be the company for you! All of their customizable tees, which come in men's, women's and children's sizes, are made from 100 percent organic cotton. They are a fair-trade company with just one factory, where all workers are paid a living wage. In fact, Freeset Bags has been awarded Fair Trade Guaranteed status by the World Fair Trade Organization. 

5. Greenfibres

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Greenfibres has been making eco-friendly clothing since 1996. This UK brand offers everything from outerwear to sleepwear to underwear for men, women and kids in natural materials. They also have more to shop for than just clothing. You can buy ethically-sourced bedsheets and even raw material, such as knitting wool, for making your own clothes by visiting their online shop. 

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