How One Ordinary Dad In California Makes His Life Sustainable

1 year ago

When it comes to figuring out how to make your daily life more sustainable, and reduce your impact on the environment, it can feel a little overwhelming. This can be especially true if sustainability and eco-friendly living feel a little outside of your wheelhouse. Luckily, as one California dad proves, making sustainable living a priority in your life is more than feasible-it can even be fun.

Brian Blum is a husband and dad based in San Diego, California. Though his family lives in a small home, they use their space wisely. Blum, for example, has already planted 20 fruit trees in an effort to permaculture the family's food forest. In addition to fruit, they also grow the bulk of their food at home, meaning that they can ensure its organic quality.

Blum doesn't just stop with a little farming, either. In his aquaponics system, he raises fish and plants. As part of the family's farming endeavor, they also compost everything possible. This helps both with keeping their land fertile, as well as to keep down what they're sending to landfills.

Got my flow hive in the mail!!!! Anyone out there got an extra queen they are ready to separate from their hive?

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He also uses water very, very wisely, which has particular importance given the drought in California. How does he manage it? When it come to water, it's all about reusing it. For instance, Blum reuses the water from his washing machine and sink for his garden. He also gathers rainwater! 

Another easy move to make your home more sustainable? Go solar. Blum's home runs on 100 percent solar energy, thanks to the solar roof panels on his house. 

Solar system on the main house approved, SDGE inspected, and operational as of today!!!!! No more carbon guilt for electricity use.

Posted by Permyoble Oasis on Wednesday, October 15, 2014
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