Unilever's New Beauty Line Is Good For Your Face And The Planet

4 months ago

Eco-conscious beauty products have become a mainstay in the market. Companies have realized this is no passing fad, and there's a huge market for people who want affordable products with as minimal as possible an impact on the environment. On Monday, Unilever launched their planet friendly eco-brand, Love Beauty and Planet, reports Fashionista.

Molly Landman, Global Marketing Director of the exciting new brand, says the product is both affordable and carefully considered. What it means for a beauty product to be "organic" or "local" is hotly contested. The word "organic" for beauty products is especially difficult to regulate. Instead, the company is focusing on making Love Beauty and Planet sustainable.

"Today's consumer is extremely discerning in what she expects from a beauty brand; not only in terms of efficacy, but in terms of sustainability, eco-friendliness and a certain 'naturalness,'" explained Landman. "We really felt like there was an opportunity to speak to that consumer who was raising her hand, to not only give love to her beauty but also give love back to the planet."

And there's also a wide range of products to cover people's needs, from conditioner to body scrub.

💗 murumuru butter and rose creamy body scrub for renewed skin radiance #lovebeautyandplanet

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💚 tea tree oil and vetiver conditioner for purifying tired hair #lovebeautyandplanet

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💛 coconut oil and ylang ylang body wash for an island fresh feel #lovebeautyandplanet

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💜 argan oil and lavender shampoo gives calming definition to frizzy hair #lovebeautyandplanet

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"We believe as a brand that we have a responsibility to the planet and we're really honest about the fact that we're at the beginning of a journey," said Landman. "We realized there were a lot of little acts that we could take in terms of the sustainability of our product that could add up to a bigger impact."

And some of those little acts are actually pretty interesting innovations.

how can you make a little difference every day in your shower? here’s a clue #❤️💁‍♀️🌍

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One of their proudest achievements is a conditioner with "fast rinse technology," meaning it dissolves from the hair faster, so people won't need to spend as much time under the shower to get their hair clean. They're exciting about what that could mean for water conservation efforts.

"The analogy that we use is safety glass: If you just look at safety glass, there's no difference from regular glass," explained Research and Development Partner Matthew Seal. "However, when an impact force hits the glass, it behaves differently as it shatters. Our conditioner is made very similarly, it's just that that impact force is water." 

They've also introduced a Showerless Cleansing Mist, which sounds perfect for when you want to wait until you get home from yoga to shower after giving yourself a little spritz.

The company is also attempting to reduce their carbon footprint by adding a self-imposed tax of $40 per carbon ton to the Carbon Tax Fund, and are producing bottle with easy label removal, which improves the odds that they'll be properly recycled. They're also all fairly affordable, at under $10 for most products. Seems worth a trial scrub!

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