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5 Eco-Inspired Fashion Trends Happening Right Now

Nature has always provided inspiration for art, fashion, engineering and invention. While that’s given us the organic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, it’s also given us some stranger contemporary trends like… succulent nails?  

Treehugger dug out five trends rooted in the natural world. They may not be the most practical, but these eco-inspired beauty fads are certainly show-stoppers no matter how you look at them. Have they gone too far? See for yourself.  

1. Terrarium eyes

No, not makeup that makes you look like a turtle. Or a succulent. Terrarium eyes are the new hip thing for the summer festival circuit, assuming you can still see under the weight of all those tiny artificial flowers. They're actually pretty gorgeous, but on account of their intense detail, they're probably best-suited for a photo shoot. Because wouldn't these look kind of strange from far away?

2. Succulent nails

Drawing on form well over function, succulent nails are credited to Australian artist Roz Borg, who before putting these little plants on acrylic nails was making succulent jewelry for clients. In true eco-fashion fashion, the glue holding the plant to the nail will release with time, at which point the little succulent can be planted. In an actual pot.

#succulentnails Im not sure about this one.... ummm cute but not functional...

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3. Watercolor tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are permanent tattoos done in the style of watercolor paintings. The trend has gone wild lately, but has also caused some to question how long the tattoos will last since they have softer colors and faded lines. We don’t particularly care either way—they’re just ridiculously gorgeous when done well.  

4. Succulent hair

What is going on with this runaway succulent obsession? I mean I get it, they’re super cool-looking plants that are really easy to care for and fun to admire. But succulent hair? I just can’t. This coloring trend, if not styled and photographed perfectly, just looks like a tie-dye experiment gone terribly wrong.  

5. Rainbow hair

Another high-maintenance ‘do', “rainbow hair” is the unicorn stepsister of succulent hair. To get the look, people cover their head in striped rainbow colors in all their flowing locks. I’m more a wash-and-go girl myself, but this is certainly pretty to look at.  

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