Timbercraft Provides Millennials With Unique Tiny House Rentals

Tiny homes can be a perfect solution for young people, those living a minimalist lifestyle, and people who seek housing in urban areas with high rent costs and limited room. For those that aren’t ready to put up a lot of money or aren’t completely sold on where to live, a tiny home construction company and a travel agency are teaming up for a mobile solution.

Timbercraft has been building customized tiny homes since 2014. They’re geared towards people that want to declutter, don’t want to be tied to high mortgages or rent payments, and those that want to live more sustainably. Most of their models are also on wheels, giving people the ability to move around when needed.

Unlike some tiny home offerings that feel like glorified RVs, Timbercraft focused on designing them like modern homes. They include full-size kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, and bedroom lofts. They allow people to save money in the long run with lower payments and utility bills, but they also offer solar panels to save on electricity.

In order to expand their reach, Timbercraft has teamed up with Everywhere Travel to offer tiny homes in more locations. They reserve areas to build homes and list them as rentals on Airbnb. This gives an opportunity for those that are curious to try out the tiny home lifestyle before committing to it.

Right now, Everywhere Travel expects to have tiny home rental listings in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. In some areas, tiny homes are currently not on the market, but people can leave their email address to be notified when they’re available.

Everywhere Travel will be demoing all of Timbercraft’s tiny home models, measuring from 20 feet to 36 feet long. The smallest is the Nomad, which holds 230 square feet and can sleep 2-3 people. The largest option is the Haven, featuring 476 square feet and is available for just under $100,000 for interested buyers.

While the biggest space is only a fraction of a traditional home and it’s still approaching six figures (or more, based on how it’s customized), there are plenty of benefits. There are various financing options with down payments and a rent-to-own payment program. Owners have the mobility to travel around with their tiny home and less space requires less maintenance and utility costs. With solar panels, electricity could potentially be free.

Timbercraft has the ability to deliver their homes to anybody in the nation, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more states added to Everywhere Travel’s list. It’s not a living solution for everybody, but it’s worth taking a look for those interested in living more sustainably or needing an alternative with high housing costs in their area.

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